January 21- 24, 2020

Lake Mary, FL

ninth Annual International Convention and Awards Dinner

Ashlee Latimer

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Ashlee married her high school sweetheart at the age of 20.


Little did she know her husband would quit a “safe” corporate job early in their marriage to start a small business.


After experiencing extreme financial pressure, having a car repossessed and their electric shut off for non-payment Ashlee had reached her breaking point.


I didn’t sign up for this” Ashlee said regarding her husbands efforts to become a successful entrepreneur.


While standing on the edge of divorce Ashlee decided to take a different path after learning about the concept of “systems”.


It was this decision that changed everything for the better.


Ashlee and her husband then went on to build and sell 3 different companies, generate millions in revenue, have 5 kids and even live in a foreign country all while being happier and more connected than she ever thought possible.


Today, Ashlee helps and inspires thousands of entrepreneur wives all over the world through social media and speaking on stages.

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