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Born and raised on a pig farm in small town in Serbia-Yugoslavia, Bk moved in USA in 2006 with no English and $120 in his pockets.

After two years as a carpet cleaner in Apartment Turnovers, in 2008 BK saw the need for restoration services to offer in multi-family industry.

With his, then boss, Rob, Bk started Apartment Restorers, llc, which today employ over 30 people and brings over $5M in revenue every year.

BK knows the value and pride of hard work. Having grown up on a pig farm in Serbia, he understands the correlation of early rising, teamwork, and constant process of improvement. Outside of leading the Apartment Restorers team, BK is an avid reader and student of the human personality matrix. He is a certified Ziglar Legacy Coach, Goal setting expert and certified DISC – Model of Human behavior consultant.

When he is not leading the Restoration team, you will find him enjoying life with his wife and three kids, volunteering as first responder , or in his garage designing a cool new contraption using his original mechanical engineering degree knowledge.